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Photos of the photographers and birdwatchers traveling with us on the tour of the Serengeti in Tanzania. Tour coordinated by Strabo Tours and supporting Houston Audubon Society.
Birdwatchers Africa KAC8461Kathy Adams Clark KAC8824Birdwatchers Africa KAC8462Birdwatchers Africa KAC8463Photographers Africa KAC9665Photographers Africa KAC9670Photographers Africa KAC9671Photographers Africa KAC9673Photographers Africa KAC9674Birdwatchers Africa KAC9723Photographers Africa KAC0101Photographers Africa KAC0103Photographers Africa KAC0001Photographers Africa KAC0004Photographers Africa KAC0071Photographers Africa KAC0133Photographers Africa KAC0178Photographers Africa KAC0184Photographers Africa KAC0185Photographers Africa KAC0198

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