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Photos taken while visiting Romania Transylvania, Carpathian Mountains, villages, farmers, medieval citadel of Sighisoara.
Bucharest Romania KAC3634Bucharest Romania KAC3636Bucharest Romania KAC3641Bucharest Romania KAC3642Bucharest Romania KAC3643Bucharest Romania KAC3644Peles Castle Romania KAC4351Viscri Romania KAC3135Viscri Romania KAC3169Viscri Romania KAC3170Viscri Romania KAC3183Viscri Romania KAC3184Viscri Romania KAC3185Gypsy Romania KAC3885Gypsy Romania KAC3887Gypsy Romania KAC3892Gypsy Romania KAC3894Sighisoara Romania KAC3223Sighisoara Romania KAC3224Sighisoara Romania KAC3225

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