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Created 6-Nov-19
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Photographs of Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, from the Lofoten Islands in Norway and Iceland.
Aurora Borealis KAC4673Aurora Borealis KAC4676Aurora Borealis KAC4520Aurora Borealis KAC4411Aurora Borealis KAC4420Aurora Borealis KAC4432Aurora Borealis KAC4438Aurora Borealis KAC4442Aurora Borealis KAC4512Aurora Borealis KAC4600Aurora Borealis KAC4604Aurora Borealis KAC4614Aurora Borealis KAC4622Aurora Borealis KAC4629Aurora Borealis KAC4524Aurora Borealis KAC4534Aurora Borealis KAC4536Aurora Borealis KAC4570Aurora Borealis KAC4659Aurora Borealis KAC4661

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