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Created 20-Dec-22
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Photos taken while leading a photo tour to Northern Ireland for Strabo Tours in September 2022. Locations covered in Belfast, Derry (aka Londonderry), Donegal, and Portrush.
Titanic Museum Belfast KAC1288Titanic Museum Belfast KAC1288BWTitanic Museum Belfast KAC1290Titanic Museum Belfast KAC1292Titanic Museum Belfast KAC1292BWTitanic Museum Belfast KAC1294Titanic Museum Belfast KAC1299Titanic Museum Belfast KAC1301Titanic Museum Belfast KAC1302Titanic Museum Belfast KAC1304Motion Blur Ireland KAC1363Derry Ireland KAC1360Inishowen Head Ireland KAC5157Peace Bridge Derry KAC1552Peace Bridge Derry KAC1558Guild Hall Derry KAC1835Guild Hall Derry KAC1839Peace Bridge Derry KAC1564Peace Bridge Derry KAC1567Peace Bridge Derry KAC1568

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