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Created 31-May-20
106 photos

Photos taken while leading a photo tour to Costa Rica in March 2020 with Strabo Photo Tour Collection and Horizontes Tours. We visited Borenquin Resort, Celeste Hideaway Lodge, Celeste Mountain Lodge, Maquenque Eco-Lodge, Chachagua, Dave and Dave's, and LaQuinta Lodge.
Black guan KAC6904Black-cheeked woodpecker KAC7122Black-cheeked woodpecker KAC7167Black-cowled oriole KAC7056Black-mantled howler monkey KAC5731Black-mantled howler monkey KAC5773Black-mantled howler monkey KAC5814Blue Morpho Butterfly KAC7188Blue-and-white swallow KAC2618Blue-gray tanager KAC6859Blue-gray tanager KAC6860Blue-gray tanager KAC6861Blue-gray tanager KAC7109Blue-gray tanager KAC7428Blue-gray tanager KAC7864Boat-billed heron KAC7220Brown-crested flycatcher KAC7275Brown-crested flycatcher KAC7290Brown-crested flycatcher KAC7291Brown-hooded parrot KAC6539

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