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Created 28-Jun-20
38 photos

Photos taken on a workshop I led to the Block Creek Natural Area in the Hill Country of Texas. These are all summer images.
Barn swallow KAC5138Barn swallow KAC5147Black-chinned hummingbird KAC4192Black-chinned hummingbird KAC4205Black-chinned hummingbird KAC4209Black-chinned hummingbird KAC4211Black-crested titmouse KAC5300Border Collie Dog KAC4437Eastern bluebird KAC4462Eastern bluebird KAC4647Eastern bluebird KAC4838Eastern bluebird KAC4876Full Moon Rising KAC4157Full Moon Rising KAC4162Full Moon Rising KAC4168_70Mexican hat wildflower KAC4683Mexican hat wildflower KAC4706Mexican hat wildflower KAC4711Northern cardinal KAC5240Northern cardinal KAC5302

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