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Created 1-Jun-21
79 photos

Photos taken while leading a Wildflower Photography Workshop in April 2021. The workshop covered counties on the western side of the Texas Hill Country.
Blue-Curls KAC8351Bullsnake KAC8314Claret-cup Cactus KAC8567Claret-cup Cactus KAC8571Claret-cup Cactus KAC8572Columbine KAC8538Firewheel or Indian Blanket KAC8521Fort Old KAC8454Fox-glove KAC0481Granite spiderwort KAC8580Granite spiderwort KAC8583Huisache Daisy KAC0475Huisache Daisy KAC8768Huisache Daisy KAC8778Huisache Daisy KAC8779Katemcy Church Stars KAC8647Larry Jay KAC8642Larry Jay Sharron Jay KAC8641Lone Tree KAC0507Lone tree KAC8635

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