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Created 6-Jul-21
48 photos

Birds and scenics taken during the Block Creek Natural Area workshop in June 2021. Summer birds and scenes around the ranch.
Black-chinned hummingbird KAC0778Black-chinned hummingbird KAC0797Black-chinned hummingbird KAC0812Black-chinned hummingbird KAC0818Black-chinned hummingbird KAC0821Black-chinned hummingbird KAC0839Black-chinned hummingbird KAC0866Black-chinned hummingbird KAC2284Black-chinned hummingbird KAC2286Blue grosbeak KAC2734Carolina chickadee KAC2857Carolina wren KAC0924Elm Bottom Creek KAC2784Elm Bottom Creek KAC2786Elm Bottom Creek KAC2789Lark Sparrow KAC2839Lark sparrow KAC2938Northern cardinal KAC2439Northern cardinal KAC2470Northern cardinal KAC2484

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