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Created 6-Feb-18
1157 photos

Photos taken of birds and landscapes throughout Ecuador.
Andean condor KAC0005 copyAndean condor KAC0005Andean condor KAC1126Andean condor KAC1136Andean Condor KAC8280Andean Condor KAC8281Andean Condor KAC8284Andean Condor KAC8285Andean Condor KAC8295Andean Condor KAC8300Andean Condor KAC8305Andean Condor KAC8311Andean Condor KAC8317Andean Condor KAC8318Andean Condor KAC8327Andean Condor KAC8328Andean Condor KAC8329Andean Condor KAC8331

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