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Created 5-Jun-18
47 photos

Conceptual art that might be used as a book cover. Mostly verticals.
Egg Bluebird KAC4139Egg Bluebird KAC4140Egg Bluebird KAC4141Egg Bluebird KAC4142Egg Bluebird KAC4143Feathers KAC4126Feathers KAC4127Feathers KAC4128Feathers KAC4129Feathers KAC4130Feathers KAC4131Feathers KAC4131_1Feathers KAC4136Feathers KAC4136_1Feathers KAC4137Feathers KAC4137_1Feathers KAC4138Feathers on desk KAC4109Feathers on desk KAC4109_1Feathers on desk KAC4110

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