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Created 9-Jan-22
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Photos taken while leading a photo tour to Costa Rica in November 2021. Locations visited included Celeste Hideaway Lodge, Cano Negro Refuge, Maquenque Eco-lodge, Sarapiqui, Dave & Dave's, and Hacienda Guachipelin. Tour arranged by Strabo Photo Tour Collection and Horizontes Nature Tours.
Chestnut-mandibled toucan KAC4561Scaly-breasted hummingbird KAC4577Black-cowled oriole KAC6101Social flycatcher KAC6125Scaly-breasted hummingbird KAC6152Scaly-breasted hummingbird KAC6154Rio Celeste Costa Rica KAC6204Rio Celeste Costa Rica KAC6207Rio Celeste Costa Rica KAC6214Rio Celeste Costa Rica KAC6217Scaly-breasted hummingbird KAC4591Scaly-breasted hummingbird KAC4593Southern Rough-winged swallow KAC4514Southern Rough-winged swallow KAC4520Mangrove swallow KAC4536Cattle egret KAC4552Mantled howler monkey KAC6272Mantled howler monkey KAC6301Green kingfisher KAC6312Mantled howler monkey KAC6327

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