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Bubble-feeding humpback whales, birds, and other things photographed during the Strabo Photo Tours Collection trip to Sitka, Alaska, in March/April 2023. Most photos taken with Canon R6 Mark II, 100-500mm RF lens, 1.4 teleconverter. Photo trip led by Kathy Adams Clark, boat captain Neil McDermot of A Whale's Song Expeditions on the Catdaddy.
Mallard Duck KAC1198Bufflehead duck KAC1071Mallard Duck KAC1223Mallard Duck KAC1273Fox Sparrow KAC1393Mallard Duck KAC1286Mallard Duck KAC1289Mallard Duck KAC1296Mallard Duck KAC1297Mallard Duck KAC1297Fox Sparrow KAC1406Mallard Duck KAC1315Mallard Duck KAC1319Mallard Duck KAC1332Mallard Duck KAC1336Common Raven KAC1547Bald eagle KAC1454Bald eagle KAC1455Bald eagle KAC1464Bald eagle KAC1478

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