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Created 3-Jan-20
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Photos taken on a trip to Costa Rica in November 2019. Guanacaste to Bijagua to Maquenque to Sarapiqui and San Jose.
Anhinga KAC5827Baltimore oriole KAC4004Baltimore oriole KAC5666Barred antshrike KAC4040Barred antshrike KAC4050Basilisks Lizard KAC5866Basilisks Lizard KAC5994Black-cowled oriole KAC4936Black-mandibled toucan KAC6317Black-mandibled toucan KAC6323Blue-gray tanager KAC4094Blue-gray tanager KAC4393Blue-jeans frog KAC6369Canivet's emerald KAC4219Collared aracari KAC4613Collared aracari KAC4627Collared aracari KAC5478Collared aracari KAC5502common tody-flycatcher KAC4382Common tody-flycatcher KAC4420

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