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Created 4-Sep-20
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My favorite photos taken while leading a photo tour for Strabo Photo Tour Collection to Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi, and eastern Sicily in October 2019.
Pompeii Italy KAC4924Pompeii Italy KAC4930Pompeii Italy KAC4938Pompeii Italy KAC4985Pompeii Italy KAC4995Pompeii Italy KAC4999Pompeii Italy KAC5001Pompeii Italy KAC5002Napoli Italy KAC5118Napoli Italy KAC5120Napoli Italy KAC5125Napoli Italy KAC5132Napoli Italy KAC5135Napoli Italy KAC5138Napoli Italy KAC5140Herculaneum Italy KAC5034Herculaneum Italy KAC5041Herculaneum Italy KAC5042Herculaneum Italy KAC5044Herculaneum Italy KAC5045

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