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Created 5-Jun-18
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This is an ongoing project photographing migratory birds, or neotropical migrants, in the United States, Latin American, and South America
American Golden Plover KAC0123American Golden Plover KAC0124American Golden Plover KAC0125American Golden Plover KAC0126American Golden Plover KAC0127American Golden Plover KAC0129American Golden Plover KAC0134American Golden Plover KAC0135American redstart KAC1778Barn swallow KAC1791Black-and-white warbler KAC1634Cliff swallow KAC1662Swainson's thrush KAC9398Swainson's thrush KAC9400Swainson's thrush KAC9404Swainson's thrush KAC9406Swainson's thrush KAC9411Swainson's thrush KAC9413Swainson's thrush KAC9418Swainson's thrush KAC9422

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