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Created 11-Jan-20
282 photos

Photos taken while leading a photo tour to the Lofoten Islands in September 2019 for Strabo Photo Tour Collection.
Aurora Borealis KAC4400Aurora Borealis KAC4405Aurora Borealis KAC4420Aurora Borealis KAC4426Aurora Borealis KAC4427Aurora Borealis KAC4428Aurora Borealis KAC4429Aurora Borealis KAC4430Aurora Borealis KAC4431Aurora Borealis KAC4432Aurora Borealis KAC4433Aurora Borealis KAC4434Aurora Borealis KAC4436Aurora Borealis KAC4437Aurora Borealis KAC4439Aurora Borealis KAC4440Aurora Borealis KAC4441Aurora Borealis KAC4442Aurora Borealis KAC4444Aurora Borealis KAC4445

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