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Created 18-Mar-23
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Photos taken while leading a photo tour to Costa Rica in February of 2023. Locations visited include San Jose, Savegre, Turrialba, and Sarapiqui. Trip was through Strabo Photo Tours Collection and co-led with Willy Alfaro.
Papaya bark KAC1040Mountain thrush KAC5173Green violet-ear hummingbird KAC4925Clay-colored thrush  KAC4926Yellow-thighed thrush KAC4928Volcano hummingbird KAC4940Volcano hummingbird KAC4941Volcano hummingbird KAC4959Volcano hummingbird KAC4971White-throated mountain-gem  hummingbird KAC5007White-throated mountain-gem  hummingbird KAC5013White-throated mountain-gem  hummingbird KAC5016Green violet-ear  hummingbird KAC5026Magnificent  hummingbird KAC5067Magnificent hummingbird KAC5115Scintillant hummingbird KAC5149Green violet-ear hummingbird KAC5152White-throated mountain-gem hummingbird KAC5156Green violet-ear hummingbird KAC5081Green violet-ear hummingbird KAC5075

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