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Created 25-Apr-15
261 photos

Photos taken along the southern coast and inland around Reykavick.
Arctic Fox Tracks KAC0646Aurora Borealis KAC0817Aurora Borealis KAC0823Aurora Borealis KAC0829Aurora Borealis KAC0830Aurora Borealis KAC0835Aurora Borealis KAC0838Aurora Borealis KAC0840Aurora Borealis KAC0841Aurora Borealis KAC0845Aurora Borealis KAC0846Aurora Borealis KAC0850Aurora Borealis KAC0851Aurora Borealis KAC0855Aurora Borealis KAC0858Aurora Borealis KAC0862Aurora Borealis KAC0863Aurora Borealis KAC0864Aurora Borealis KAC0867Aurora Borealis KAC0868

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