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Photos taken on the Strabo Photo Tours Collection trip to Romania's Danube Delta in May and June 2023. Birds include Pallas's gull and Dalmatian pelican. All images taken with a Canon R6 Mark II or Canon R3.
Bucharest Romania KAC8136Bucharest Romania KAC8157Bucharest Romania KAC8166Bucharest Romania KAC8174Bucharest Romania KAC8178Bucharest Romania KAC8181Bucharest Romania KAC8182Bucharest Romania KAC8185Bucharest Romania KAC8186Bucharest Romania KAC8191Bucharest Romania KAC8194Bucharest Romania KAC8214Bucharest Romania KAC8230Bucharest Romania KAC8233Bucharest Romania KAC8235Bucharest Romania KAC8240Red Poppy KAC8505Wheat field KAC8527Red Poppy KAC8513White-tailed eagle KAC8255

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