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Created 1-Mar-23
66 photos

Photos I took on my cellphone of the photographers traveling with us on the Strabo Photo Tours Collection trip to Costa Rica in Feb 2023.
Kathy Adams Clark KAC0023Kathy Adams Clark KAC0024Kathy Adams Clark KAC0025Photographers Costa Rica KAC0008Photographers Costa Rica KAC0009Photographers Costa Rica KAC0010Photographers Costa Rica KAC0011Photographers Costa Rica KAC0012Photographers Costa Rica KAC0013Photographers Costa Rica KAC0014Photographers Costa Rica KAC0015Photographers Costa Rica KAC0016Photographers Costa Rica KAC0017Photographers Costa Rica KAC0018Photographers Costa Rica KAC0019Photographers Costa Rica KAC0020Photographers Costa Rica KAC0021Photographers Costa Rica KAC0022Photographers Costa Rica KAC0026Photographers Costa Rica KAC0027

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