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Birds, whales, and other things photographed during the Strabo Photo Tours Collection trip to Sitka, Alaska, in July/Aug 2023. Most photos taken with Canon R6 Mark II, 100-500mm RF lens, 1.4 teleconverter. Photo trip led by Kathy Adams Clark, boat captain Neil McDermot of A Whale's Song Expeditions on the Catdaddy.
Tufted puffin KAC1192Tufted puffin KAC1198Tufted puffin KAC1178Tufted puffin KAC1215Tufted puffin KAC1208Tufted puffin KAC1187Tufted puffin KAC0142Tufted Puffin KAC0133Tufted puffin KAC0141Tufted Puffin KAC0130Surf Scooter KAC1374Surf bird KAC1425Surf bird KAC1422Sooty shearwater KAC1503Sooty shearwater KAC1502St. Michael's Russian Orthodox Church Icon KAC1730Sooty shearwater KAC1499Sea otter KAC1261Rhinoceros auklet KAC1328Russian Othodox Cemetery KAC1755

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